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Nature Program

Hands-On Learning


Real Specimen Program


Real specimens such as taxidermy, skulls, fossils, and ancient artifacts are used to enhance the learning experience in our Science, World Geography, History, and Social Studies courses.



Our science program features an extensive collection of taxidermy animals, which serve as valuable teaching aids. All animals in the collection were ethically sourced from curators and other museums.

Ancient Artifacts


In our curriculum, we integrate relics from pivotal times in history. Among these artifacts are specimens that trace their origins back to antiquity, with some dating as far back as 3000 BC.


Animal Rescue Program


Within our nature-focused curriculum, students engage in the immersive experience of our Animal Rescue Initiative. This program extends a unique chance for students to not only nourish and maintain animal enclosures but also to engage in hands-on interaction with the diverse array of creatures under our care. Within our rescue program, an enchanting ensemble awaits – featuring rabbits (Pom Pom Bob and Coco Blanco), a guinea pig (Hot Spice), a hamster (Frostine), a bearded dragon (Janga Manga), and even sugar gliders (Pikachu and Evie).

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