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Academics Program


The educational curriculum is instructed using the IB Program Philosophies and includes Mathematics, English Language Structure and Literary Analysis, Expressive Writing, the French Language, Scientific Exploration, and Societal Perspectives.

New subjects offered are World Geography, Historical Insights, Global Affairs and Ethical Dilemas.


Physical Education Program


Introducing a fresh addition to Monarch Academy's offerings is our Physical Education Initiative. Enrolled students will delve into both the theoretical underpinnings and hands-on aspects of the PhysED curriculum. Each day kicks off with either a 2k run (weather permitting) or a comprehensive session of full-body stretches. As part of the program, students will gain insights into their anatomical structure as it relates to sustaining peak well-being, while also understanding the significance of incorporating daily physical activity.

Nutrition Program

This September is our innovative Nutrition Initiative. Enrolled students will embark on a comprehensive exploration of nutrition, commencing with an in-depth understanding of the digestive process and extending to the pivotal roles played by vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This program equips students with the knowledge to craft well-balanced meal blueprints and grasp the significance of proper hydration through a profound comprehension of hunger signals.

Theatre Program


Our theatre program spans the academic year from September to June, during which students aged 8 and above work collaboratively to personalize a written play to be performed by all enrolled students at the end of the school year. Through our theatre program, students gain knowledge about all aspects of play writing and stage presence.


Music Program


Introducing an exciting addition at Monarch Academy: our brand-new music program. Catering to students ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, this initiative encompasses both music theory and hands-on practice. Every student will have the chance to delve into the world of piano playing and will receive ongoing encouragement to engage in weekly practice sessions. For those already well-acquainted with the piano, a comprehensive assessment will guide personalized instruction aligned with their skill level.

Art Program


The Art program at our school is designed to provide students with a diverse range of artistic experiences. By combining hands-on mixed media art and visual arts, students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop their skills. In the coming academic year, students will focus on sketching and shading techniques, with Nature, Social Studies, English Literature and Math serving as a source of inspiration.


Home Economics Program


Monarch Academy's home economics program is a new addition to our course offerings, providing students with the chance to learn the ins and outs of clothing construction. From pattern selection to sewing on a sewing machine, students get to experience the whole process of making clothes.

All final products are presented in our yearly fashion shows, allowing students to showcase their newly acquired skills.

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